Using Love Notes the Old Fashioned Way

Well don’t read too much into the title but let me share a little secret with you, the love note never went out of style. In fact, they are more important than ever and even recommended as sexual therapy for couples. Basically, it’s like flirting, and everyone loves to flirt, married or not. If your significant other was there watching you flirt with someone else you would probably be a bit embarrassed or you wouldn’t do it at all. But I believe it is healthy to flirt with your spouse or loved one. Flirt like you did in high school or college, it will help strengthen your relationship with one another. Even Dr. Laura Berman recommends them.

So what you do is you start with the love note. Plan and simple and too the point. You can be blunt and you can be subtle, gentlemen or warrior. Write some love notes and place them around the house or in the car or in her pocketbook. The goal: get the heart racing with anticipation. This can all be done by using sweet love notes for him or love notes for her. Remember, a romantic love note can make your day and they can also make someone else feel very special and loved.

So go ahead and make the person you care about feel loved, that’s really what the love note it is all about.