Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Photos for Holiday Cards

If you said “I do” in 2013, this is a fantastic year to send holiday photo cards! There is no better year to send a photo card than when you have professionally shot photos of you looking fabulous and in love on your wedding day.

FOIL PHOTOCARDS: A frame of gold foil dots surrounds a photo of you and your beloved with a season’s greeting letterpress printed at the bottom of the card.  It’s a seasonal stunner!

Gold Foil Holiday Card

Gold Foil Dots + Letterpress Greeting
Photo on this card by Lauren D Rogers Photography


LETTERPRESS PHOTOCARDS: A blind impression of a herringbone pattern gives this letterpress printed holiday card a sophisticated texture.  Still working on your thank you notes? Make this a folded card to double as a thank you card.

Letterpress Holiday Photo Card For Newlyweds

Letterpress Holiday Photo Card with blind herringbone impression and pine green ink.
Photo on this card by Lauren D. Rogers Photography


DIGITAL PHOTOCARDS:  A digital photo card is an affordable option to send your holiday greeting with your wedding photo.  Printed in full color on both sides of the card, you even have the option to add a pattern on the back of the card or another photo!

Digital Holiday Photo Card with Wedding Photo

Digital Holiday Photo Card with Wedding Photo
Photo on this card by Capture Photography

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New Baby Announcements At Page Stationery

As you may have heard, Page Stationery has released our new line of baby announcements. The collection of baby announcements capture all that you expect from Page in terms of quality, style and design aesthetic.  What makes these announcements really different is that these designs are digitally printed. What this does for customers is a provides a much lower price point and an exceptional value for what you get. Trust me these designs are exceptional and unlike any baby card or product on the market.

Not only is it a great price point, but you get new incredible designs. The new styles not only embody the great design for which Page Stationary has become renowned, but we are now able to offer these fantastic designs on the front of the card as well as the back of the card. Technological advances in digital printing now allow us to print on both sides of the card in a very cost-effective manner. This does wonders for the look and appeal of the announcements and invitations.

Don’t get us wrong, we are still the biggest fans of letterpress printing and love it. But we are expanding our collections and using some of these new methods to give our customers more choice and diversity in our product niche. We love it and we are sure you will admire theses new baby announcements as well. It really ads a new look and dimension to the Page style that you just can’t capture with letterpress. For instance solid colors or patterns are difficult and in cases downright formidable and laborious to print on a full card using letterpress printing. Digital printing offers a facile solution where these task are simplified and designs can be designs without worry or constraint.

Another aspect of digitally printing baby announcements like these is the phenomenal ability to print extremely clear and accurate photos. So, for photo holiday cards and photo baby announcements pictures can be uploaded with ease and attached and submitted on proofs and printed  on cards. As part of this great service if our representative sees any issues with your image as far as clarity or sizing or resolution, you will be contacted to let you know of these concerns. We don’t offer a service where you approve the image online and it goes from web to print.  Our services are much more hands-on and customer oriented where you are in constant contact with the designer and are given proofs. Yet, these baby announcements can be turned around in a few short days. We hope you like the designs and keep a look out in the near future for a few more surprises!


Back of Baby Announcement: Page Stationery

Back of Baby Announcement: Page Stationery

Baby Announcements: Page Stationery

Baby Announcements: Page Stationery

New Affordable Baby Birth Announcements

We are excited to announce the release of our new line of digital birth announcements last week. These announcements put the the style and grace of the Page letterpress baby announcements now at a much more affordable price level for consumers. The line is being offered strictly online and is composed of 24 bright and colorful designs. You will absolutely love these new birth announcements.

Another reason, aside from the attractive price point, is that all the cards are duplex printed. So each has the unique design and customization on the front and then on the back there is a coordinating pattern that really brings the entire card together. You will love it!

Many of the new styles embody the simplicity that Page has become so well known for and our designers really took that concept a step further. With the capabilities of digital printing it provides additional elements of design that can’t be done  or easily done with letterpress. So the digital birth announcements really open a new level of dimension for our designs.

For instance, many of the new designs are solid colors that use white text. So the rich and brilliant colors so popular for babies can be used in many different ways that bring these cards to life. he colors don’t always have to be a pink or a blue either. Simple colors like orange, can be use effectively to bring out the best in an elegant and stylish birth announcement. And then on the back there is a matching pattern.

One of the newest and exciting aspects of these cards is the ability to incorporate photos into the cards or make the entire card a photo baby announcement. This a real plus and you can upload your picture right from your computer and send it with the order. Of course nice photography really helps make a photo card like this but with todays digital camera almost every picture is nice! Here is an example of one of the new photo cards:

Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements

Back of Brady Announcement
Back of Brady Announcement
















And then of course we have the more classic Page Photo card:

Baby Girl Photo Baby Announcement

Baby Girl Photo Baby Announcement

Back of Penelope Card

Back of Penelope Card












See how much those photos can add to a simple baby announcement? An entire new dimension and don’t forget the back is printed as well. This helps tie it all together. We hope you like our new line of baby birth announcements and stay tuned for the release of more exciting cards and stationery.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations-The Design Element

The Design Element: Letterpress Invitations

The selection of everything from cars to letterpress wedding invitations always depends on design what we see …do we like it, or do we not like it? In almost every aspect of our daily lives we encounter design as a means of conveying feelings, emotions and influencing our buying decisions. It all comes down to the design of the product and how we perceive it, wedding invitations, birth announcements and custom holiday cards are no different.

So what constitutes a good versus poor design? Many elements enter into the equation, but simply said good design will follow a talented individual that has received specialized training at recognized institutions with proven instruction. The result is a designer that is proficient and skilled in all aspects of type selection, formatting, space relationships, color selections and much more.

The professional designer, such as Page Stationery’s principals can create wedding invitations, birth announcements, stationery, business cards and other printed communications vehicles that are capable of establishing a “mood” or distinct “feeling” that a customer might want to convey. Type selection, space relationships and color can be combined to project happiness, fun, respect and sophistication depending of the wishes of the sender and their relationships with the receiving individual(s), families or companies.

Page Stationery staff members have extensive experience with thousands of wedding invitations and announcements and customers that allow the customer to correctly choose the piece, or pieces that convey those personal feelings of the event to be recognized.You can see see some of our custom christmas cards here.