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Birth Announcements Going Strong

The new line of digital baby announcements have been very popular and the emphasis continues to be on the photo cards and images of newborns. Well I can happily say that not only do our announcements live up to all the high quality standards that our letterpress line does but it really is amazing at how how nice the resolution is for the photo birth announcements. It still amazes me and I’m sure you will be pleased as well.We are sure you will love them.

Brady Photo Birth Announcements

Brady Photo Baby Announcements

Trends For Girl Birth Announcements

There are very few events in your life that compare to that of having a little girl. Choosing the perfect girl birth announcements can really set the tone for the beginning of this new chapter of your life. While there are a number of options on the market to choose form, including online birth announcements, making your selection can be a bit overwhelming. You may want to take the advice of others, by choosing a style that has been previously tested by a celebrity. There are some great ideas from basic and classical to modern and fun filled.

What the Celebrities Look for in Birth Announcements for Girls

• Simple Elegance – One of the more popular styles among celebrities is the traditional announcement. This can be created with simple and basic color schemes along with excellent photography showing the new family addition. When Trista Sutter (from The Bachelorette) and her husband Ryan welcomed their new baby girl to the world, they chose dusty pink with brown text combined with a couple of simple photos.

• Bright and Modern – Many celebrities choose bright color combinations. Former ‘Dancing with the Stars’ co-host, Samantha Harris used bold and bright pink in her photo birth announcements to announce the big news of Hillary Madison.

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Photo Birth Announcements With Flair

Thinking about using a stunning black and white or a vibrant, full color photo for your photo birth announcements? Not only will your photo birth announcements serve as a notice to the world of your baby boy or girl’s arrival, but it will be used as a keepsake to be cherished for years to come. Choosing the right style for your announcement can really set the tone for the introduction of your newest bundle of joy to the world. By using a photo, or several photos, you will be able to create a unique and highly personal announcement to mark the arrival of your new bundle of joy.

Personal Touches When Creating Birth Announcements for Boys

• Getting Started – It can certainly be difficult to find a way to truly express to the world all the joy you are feeling as your baby boy comes into your life. When considering your options, keep in mind that you can be traditional, with a simple name, date and time of arrival, or you can be a bit more creative. What about adding a favorite quote or a fitting scripture to the birth announcement? There is no wrong way to create your announcement. Keeping that in mind will relieve some of the stress you may be feeling when creating your announcement.

• The Photo Style – With a boy birth announcement the parents have a wonderful opportunity to play up the boyish aspect in the photos. Choosing a photo with accent pieces, such as a baseball, a toy airplane, or something else that is meaningful to the family, can really set the tone of the card. Your announcement can be as whimsical or traditional as you’d like. This is your creation.

Personal Touches for Girl Birth Announcements

• Choosing the Color – When choosing girl birth announcements, color can make a huge difference.

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Popular Birth Announcements For Boys

If you are looking for ideas and tips for birth announcements for boys that get their inspiration from celebrities, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve seen trends and styles come and go, and are familiar with the favored birth announcements chosen by Hollywood couples. If your desire is to celebrate your son’s birth with every bit the pomp and circumstance as those gracing the cover of People magazine you will need, keep reading. Use these tips to aid you in your decision making process.

Most Popular Birth Announcements Chosen by Celebrity Sweethearts

• One of a Kind – One thing that makes special order birth announcements appealing to the stars for both boy and girl birth announcements is that they are unique and not like the rest of the world.

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New Affordable Baby Birth Announcements

We are excited to announce the release of our new line of digital birth announcements last week. These announcements put the the style and grace of the Page letterpress baby announcements now at a much more affordable price level for consumers. The line is being offered strictly online and is composed of 24 bright and colorful designs. You will absolutely love these new birth announcements.

Another reason, aside from the attractive price point, is that all the cards are duplex printed. So each has the unique design and customization on the front and then on the back there is a coordinating pattern that really brings the entire card together. You will love it!

Many of the new styles embody the simplicity that Page has become so well known for and our designers really took that concept a step further. With the capabilities of digital printing it provides additional elements of design that can’t be done  or easily done with letterpress. So the digital birth announcements really open a new level of dimension for our designs.

For instance, many of the new designs are solid colors that use white text. So the rich and brilliant colors so popular for babies can be used in many different ways that bring these cards to life. he colors don’t always have to be a pink or a blue either. Simple colors like orange, can be use effectively to bring out the best in an elegant and stylish birth announcement. And then on the back there is a matching pattern.

One of the newest and exciting aspects of these cards is the ability to incorporate photos into the cards or make the entire card a photo baby announcement. This a real plus and you can upload your picture right from your computer and send it with the order. Of course nice photography really helps make a photo card like this but with todays digital camera almost every picture is nice! Here is an example of one of the new photo cards:

Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements

Back of Brady Announcement
Back of Brady Announcement
















And then of course we have the more classic Page Photo card:

Baby Girl Photo Baby Announcement

Baby Girl Photo Baby Announcement

Back of Penelope Card

Back of Penelope Card












See how much those photos can add to a simple baby announcement? An entire new dimension and don’t forget the back is printed as well. This helps tie it all together. We hope you like our new line of baby birth announcements and stay tuned for the release of more exciting cards and stationery.