The Letterpress Baby Collection

There are a few things in life that are so special and one of them is the birth of your children. This transformation into a parent is a life changing event for most and certainly one you will never forget. One of the best ways to keep this fresh in your mind is by using letterpress baby announcements to announce the birth and having framed.

There are many variations of the birth announcement, but our selection allows you to choose from over twenty thoughtfully designed letterpress cards in an assortment of colors and options.For instance, our tri-fold baby announcement is perfect for those parents that want to display a nice photograph of their child and keep the traditional wording. In fact, it allows for a motif and cute quotation on the front fold, the wording on the inside fold and then the picture on the back fold. This announcement really showcases everything.

Another letterpress baby announcement that also works well and includes a photograph is our Harry photo card. The picture is the highlight of this card and the the stitch border really makes it stand out. To make even more stunning the frame is in a second color. The wording is below and can be customized to your liking. There is no line charge for adding additional lines of text this way you can include all members of the family, even the dog!

Letterpress Baby Announcement

Letterpress Baby Announcement

The Thomas announcement is another favorite and adds a bit of a traditional look and feel. This card has a deckled edge and vertical picture which allows for a nice size image of your baby. It is then highlighted by a solid blue scalloped border that works well with the deckled edges. The text is located below the picture and can be customized to your liking. What really makes this announcement work is the matching blue envelope that just brings it all together.

The Page Stationery letterpress baby collection has baby announcements that range in price from affordable to expensive. Some of the announcements are even hand stitched with cute stars and colorful stitching and embellishments. You owe it to yourself to get the best and most memorable announcements and Page Stationery can work with you to accomplish a design just for you.

Custom Stationery Personalized For You

The great thing about having your own custom stationery is that it can easily be personalized just for you. Letterpress printing your personal stationery makes it unique and stand out from any other stationery you may see. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur you may even want to consider have two sets of stationery, one for personal use and one for business use. Why would you want nice letterpress stationery for your business? Well I can think of a number of reasons but the most important is that it makes a statement about you and your business. That you are really professional, professional enough to spend a bit more on the look and presentation of goods and ideas to your valued customers. This what you want your customer to remember about you and your presentation. It is important to make sure they won’t forget you. The same is true for personal letterpress notecards. You want the person receiving it to think you are sincere and really serious about saying “thank you”. What better way than letterpress custom stationery from Page Stationery.

custom stationery

custom letterpress stationery

Page Stationery: In Store Or Online

Page Stationery: In Store or On Line

Remember the adage of some years ago “high tech and high touch”, and how it transformed corporate and people’s culture to have communication that felt comfortable in use yet was technically advanced so as to make the medium available to almost any group or individual?

Page Stationery, with dozens of stationery stores in selected cities across our country, allows customers that visit those stores to handle our catalogs, see the actual samples of each letterpress invitations, letterpress announcements and specialty card and “feel” the paper stock, see the proper ink colors and visualize how their particular invitation will look. There is really no substitute for seeing the final result as it will appear to the recipient.

As they have done in the past Page Stationery’s website displays the full line of letterpress invitations and letterpress cards, in color, and within a prescribed format. If the website does not answer questions a call to their offices will allow the customer to talk to one of Page’s staff who is intimately familiar with the entire product line and is prepared to respond to specific inquires. When time allows the on line customer can receive actual samples by mail to fulfill the need to “handle” each piece of a wedding or letterpress stationery card.

Pricing of each product and line of products will answer specific needs as to the designs that best suit the customer.
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Letterpress Stationery

In some form or another letterpress stationery has touched us in some way. From its elegant design to the deep and formal impression it yields, it still remains one of the most important forms of communication today. Even in today’s world of technological advancements, it is somewhat ironic that letterpress printing has reemerged as the medium of choice for both designers, artisans and businessmen in spite of mobile devices with texting and emails and facebook integration on every site you find. I love all these new personal gadgets and efficient ways new ways of doing things and communicating but I also still like writing and receiving great looking personal letterpress stationary. It makes an impression there is no doubt about it. I think of it this way, coming from a job interview would I text them a thank you note that looked like this; “NMU 10Q” , which means “Nice meeting you thank you!” just to give a short example or send a formal notecard to their office?

letterpress stationary

letterpress stationery