The Letterpress Baby Collection

There are a few things in life that are so special and one of them is the birth of your children. This transformation into a parent is a life changing event for most and certainly one you will never forget. One of the best ways to keep this fresh in your mind is by using letterpress baby announcements to announce the birth and having framed.

There are many variations of the birth announcement, but our selection allows you to choose from over twenty thoughtfully designed letterpress cards in an assortment of colors and options.For instance, our tri-fold baby announcement is perfect for those parents that want to display a nice photograph of their child and keep the traditional wording. In fact, it allows for a motif and cute quotation on the front fold, the wording on the inside fold and then the picture on the back fold. This announcement really showcases everything.

Another letterpress baby announcement that also works well and includes a photograph is our Harry photo card. The picture is the highlight of this card and the the stitch border really makes it stand out. To make even more stunning the frame is in a second color. The wording is below and can be customized to your liking. There is no line charge for adding additional lines of text this way you can include all members of the family, even the dog!

Letterpress Baby Announcement

Letterpress Baby Announcement

The Thomas announcement is another favorite and adds a bit of a traditional look and feel. This card has a deckled edge and vertical picture which allows for a nice size image of your baby. It is then highlighted by a solid blue scalloped border that works well with the deckled edges. The text is located below the picture and can be customized to your liking. What really makes this announcement work is the matching blue envelope that just brings it all together.

The Page Stationery letterpress baby collection has baby announcements that range in price from affordable to expensive. Some of the announcements are even hand stitched with cute stars and colorful stitching and embellishments. You owe it to yourself to get the best and most memorable announcements and Page Stationery can work with you to accomplish a design just for you.

Ordering Baby Birth Announncements

As the due date approches things may begin to get hectic so we always recommend getting most of the baby birth announcments squared away so you won’t have to worry about all the fine detatils involved in creating your baby announcements.

What we do is go ahead andget the layout and preliminary wording all taken care of. We design and go through a few rounds of proofs to make sure everything is all set to your specifications.

An example of this may be something as small as spelling out the word inches or a number like 15th instead writing it out like fifteenth. We get all that questionable material organized and finalized so it can be printed right when the baby is born.

When the baby comes and it’s time to get the birth announcements in the mail all we have to do is go in and plugin the vital information like the maybe the name if that has now been decided or the weight and height and of course the date and time of birth. In many cases we don’t even do a final proof and we go ahead and print and ship the baby birth announcements within a day or two.

We strive to create the most memorable and unique birth announcements for you no matter if you are having.  Either baby girl or a baby boy announcements can easily be accommodated and we have several affordable options ranging from letterpress birth announcements to digital announcements for your convenience.