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Time Saving Tips For Baby Announcements


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Birth Announcements Going Strong

The new line of digital baby announcements have been very popular and the emphasis continues to be on the photo cards and images of newborns. Well I can happily say that not only do our announcements live up to all the high quality standards that our letterpress line does but it really is amazing at how how nice the resolution is for the photo birth announcements. It still amazes me and I’m sure you will be pleased as well.We are sure you will love them.

Brady Photo Birth Announcements

Brady Photo Baby Announcements

The Letterpress Baby Collection

There are a few things in life that are so special and one of them is the birth of your children. This transformation into a parent is a life changing event for most and certainly one you will never forget. One of the best ways to keep this fresh in your mind is by using letterpress baby announcements to announce the birth and having framed.

There are many variations of the birth announcement, but our selection allows you to choose from over twenty thoughtfully designed letterpress cards in an assortment of colors and options.For instance, our tri-fold baby announcement is perfect for those parents that want to display a nice photograph of their child and keep the traditional wording. In fact, it allows for a motif and cute quotation on the front fold, the wording on the inside fold and then the picture on the back fold. This announcement really showcases everything.

Another letterpress baby announcement that also works well and includes a photograph is our Harry photo card. The picture is the highlight of this card and the the stitch border really makes it stand out. To make even more stunning the frame is in a second color. The wording is below and can be customized to your liking. There is no line charge for adding additional lines of text this way you can include all members of the family, even the dog!

Letterpress Baby Announcement

Letterpress Baby Announcement

The Thomas announcement is another favorite and adds a bit of a traditional look and feel. This card has a deckled edge and vertical picture which allows for a nice size image of your baby. It is then highlighted by a solid blue scalloped border that works well with the deckled edges. The text is located below the picture and can be customized to your liking. What really makes this announcement work is the matching blue envelope that just brings it all together.

The Page Stationery letterpress baby collection has baby announcements that range in price from affordable to expensive. Some of the announcements are even hand stitched with cute stars and colorful stitching and embellishments. You owe it to yourself to get the best and most memorable announcements and Page Stationery can work with you to accomplish a design just for you.

Simplified Birth Announcements Support

At Page Stationery your baby announcement or baby stationery order is of the utmost importance. We attempt to make it easy to order your birth announcements cards and keep everything simple with no surprises. If you ever have any questions regarding your baby announcements order you can always call on our toll free number 866-540-7243 and have your question resolved.

I know from my personal experience it can be very frustrating when you have a question and you email them to support and then you seem to wait for hours for someone to respond. I have had this happen to me at other companies and we simply don’t want to have anything like that occur with your experience at Page Stationery. We monitor email and messages constantly to help get you answers.

Take a look at our new digital birth announcements and photo baby announcements.

Birth Announcements Cards

Birth Announcements Cards

Birth Announcements Cards

Birth Announcements Cards Back


Chic and Stylish Baby Announcements

Not only are our new baby announcements chic and stylish they are extremely affordable. What makes our baby cards so stylish? Well it is a number of factors but it is the overall design and the sophisticated look that is created by the merging the design. This is possible thanks to digital printing which gives better and more control for design purposes. Design possibilities are virtually endless.

Our customers are the most important part of our business and for that matter any business and we are responding to the call for affordability while maintaining those same characteristics and appeal that continue to make Page Stationery a great brand for all types of stationery products.

The baby announcements are actually quite different from other  brands and again, we are designing for the appeal of our customer. These baby cards are designed with the front of the card being an influence as well as the back of the announcement. Whomever receives one of these announcements will almost certainly flip the card over and be equally impressed with the design that appears on the back as well as the text on the front.

Further advancements in technology now allow picture perfect printing of photographs on cards as well. This aspect alone opens the possibilities for creative and amazing examples of your pictures being applied to stationery and other types of products as well. Even story books about a vacation you took last year can be digitized and printed for your collection. The creative possibilities are limitless.

Affordability of baby announcements has always been a concern for many new parents. Our letterpress customer doesn’t mind spending a bit more for that unique look and feel that only letterpress baby announcements can provide. But there are others who simply want a really nice card at a great price point and they want to get it relatively quickly. Rather than waiting 7-10 days for a letterpress announcement to get printed and shipped, the digital baby announcements can be shipped in 3-5 days  or less after they are approved.

Just look at these examples of the new baby announcements and at how vivid and vibrant the colors are. See how well the back side can compliment the front? This type of complimentary design can really make the entire announcement “work” so much better than those with just the white card on the reverse side.

Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements


Here is another example using a sleek and sophisticated pattern to match.

Baby Announcements



Baby Announcements

Nina Back


I think you will be very pleased with these new announcements. They offer a wonderful, clean and concise way to announce the birth of your new baby.

What Baby Birth Announcements Should Say

Your baby birth announcements will be something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. One of these birth announcements will mark the arrival of your little girl or boy and is a special way of spreading your love for your child to the rest of your family and friends. Choosing the correct words to describe how you feel about the new addition to your family can be difficult though. There are basic examples, though, that may make it easier for you to decide on the words you will use.

The Essentials of Baby Birth Announcements

Opening- The portion that is often difficult for parents to decide on is the opening of paragraph of the photo birth announcements. In the opening section, parents can choose which words they wish to use to welcome their little newborn into the family. The opening may be a short simple sentence, a cute and fun line, or a stanza from a favorite poem or song.

Name and Gender- While the information on each birth announcement will vary from parent to parent, the majority of these baby announcements include the baby’s name and gender. These are the first pieces of information that your friends and family will want to know as well. Some parents start out newborn baby announcements with an immediate declaration of the gender by saying “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” The first and middle name are generally included on the announcement, and sometimes the last name also appears.

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Preparing Newborn Baby Announcements Early

As a mother-to-be, newborn baby announcements may be the last thing on your mind, but if you are on a tight budget, they should be. If you start gathering the information you need and begin to search for the perfect birth announcements early, you may not only be able to stretch out your money, but may be able to budget your time as well.

Stretching Your Time for Your Newborn Baby Announcements

During the nine months of your pregnancy, you will most likely be bombarded by many distractions. Between doctor’s appointments, swollen ankles, a growing belly, and baby showers, your time may be stretched to the limit. After the baby is born, though, your life will be even more hectic. Planning now for the creation of your baby birth announcements may be an important way to guarantee that your announcements are completed and delivered shortly after your new bundle of joy arrives.

To begin planning your birth announcements, here are some tips:

Begin searching for the type of announcement that you want. Remember that this decision is important, because your baby’s announcement will be a keepsake item that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

While you may feel a bit creative and want to complete them yourself, don’t underestimate the convenience and quality of professional work. Even with a professional, you will still be able to make all of the creative decisions.

Before the baby is born, gather together a list of all the names and addresses you will need to deliver the announcements.

Decide on the information you want to include in the baby birth announcements, even if you don’t yet know the sex of the baby yet.

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New Baby Announcements At Page Stationery

As you may have heard, Page Stationery has released our new line of baby announcements. The collection of baby announcements capture all that you expect from Page in terms of quality, style and design aesthetic.  What makes these announcements really different is that these designs are digitally printed. What this does for customers is a provides a much lower price point and an exceptional value for what you get. Trust me these designs are exceptional and unlike any baby card or product on the market.

Not only is it a great price point, but you get new incredible designs. The new styles not only embody the great design for which Page Stationary has become renowned, but we are now able to offer these fantastic designs on the front of the card as well as the back of the card. Technological advances in digital printing now allow us to print on both sides of the card in a very cost-effective manner. This does wonders for the look and appeal of the announcements and invitations.

Don’t get us wrong, we are still the biggest fans of letterpress printing and love it. But we are expanding our collections and using some of these new methods to give our customers more choice and diversity in our product niche. We love it and we are sure you will admire theses new baby announcements as well. It really ads a new look and dimension to the Page style that you just can’t capture with letterpress. For instance solid colors or patterns are difficult and in cases downright formidable and laborious to print on a full card using letterpress printing. Digital printing offers a facile solution where these task are simplified and designs can be designs without worry or constraint.

Another aspect of digitally printing baby announcements like these is the phenomenal ability to print extremely clear and accurate photos. So, for photo holiday cards and photo baby announcements pictures can be uploaded with ease and attached and submitted on proofs and printed  on cards. As part of this great service if our representative sees any issues with your image as far as clarity or sizing or resolution, you will be contacted to let you know of these concerns. We don’t offer a service where you approve the image online and it goes from web to print.  Our services are much more hands-on and customer oriented where you are in constant contact with the designer and are given proofs. Yet, these baby announcements can be turned around in a few short days. We hope you like the designs and keep a look out in the near future for a few more surprises!


Back of Baby Announcement: Page Stationery

Back of Baby Announcement: Page Stationery

Baby Announcements: Page Stationery

Baby Announcements: Page Stationery