Chic and Stylish Baby Announcements

Not only are our new baby announcements chic and stylish they are extremely affordable. What makes our baby cards so stylish? Well it is a number of factors but it is the overall design and the sophisticated look that is created by the merging the design. This is possible thanks to digital printing which gives better and more control for design purposes. Design possibilities are virtually endless.

Our customers are the most important part of our business and for that matter any business and we are responding to the call for affordability while maintaining those same characteristics and appeal that continue to make Page Stationery a great brand for all types of stationery products.

The baby announcements are actually quite different from other  brands and again, we are designing for the appeal of our customer. These baby cards are designed with the front of the card being an influence as well as the back of the announcement. Whomever receives one of these announcements will almost certainly flip the card over and be equally impressed with the design that appears on the back as well as the text on the front.

Further advancements in technology now allow picture perfect printing of photographs on cards as well. This aspect alone opens the possibilities for creative and amazing examples of your pictures being applied to stationery and other types of products as well. Even story books about a vacation you took last year can be digitized and printed for your collection. The creative possibilities are limitless.

Affordability of baby announcements has always been a concern for many new parents. Our letterpress customer doesn’t mind spending a bit more for that unique look and feel that only letterpress baby announcements can provide. But there are others who simply want a really nice card at a great price point and they want to get it relatively quickly. Rather than waiting 7-10 days for a letterpress announcement to get printed and shipped, the digital baby announcements can be shipped in 3-5 days  or less after they are approved.

Just look at these examples of the new baby announcements and at how vivid and vibrant the colors are. See how well the back side can compliment the front? This type of complimentary design can really make the entire announcement “work” so much better than those with just the white card on the reverse side.

Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements


Here is another example using a sleek and sophisticated pattern to match.

Baby Announcements



Baby Announcements

Nina Back


I think you will be very pleased with these new announcements. They offer a wonderful, clean and concise way to announce the birth of your new baby.